Professional forum 2023 edition

21 April 2023
  • Professional integration

  • Campus life

The professional forum returns this year on March 28 and April 19, 2023, from 12pm to 5pm in the 2nd floor hall. Armed with your CV, come and meet the recruiters invited to develop your network and perhaps land a job or internship contract!
Forum professionnel 2023
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Organized every year by the SIO-IP, the professional forum brings together several national and international companies, NGOs or public institutions interested in the wealth and diversity of skills of Inalco students. It's an opportunity to get in touch with professionals, learn about the realities of recruitment, refine your professional project and better prepare for your entry into working life.

The event takes place over two days.

The professional forums are reserved exclusively for Inalco students.

1st professional forum on March 28

Public institutions, companies, translation agencies

A roundtable discussion will be held at the end of the forum: independent professionals (freelance) in the field of culture at 6pm in amphitheatre 8.
Register and view the program for upcoming professional roundtables.

2nd professional forum on April 19

Companies, translation agencies, cultural establishments, tourism/travel, associations

A round table discussion will follow the forum: Radio professions at 6pm in amphi 8.