Publication: "Approches linguistiques comparatives grec moderne-français" (S. Vassilaki, R. Delveroudi, E. Vlachou)

3 February 2023
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This volume, which brings together fourteen contributions on modern Greek-French contrastive linguistics (GM-F), is the result of a collaborative project involving researchers whose work, or part of their work, focuses on this theme. The initial aim of the project was to bring together linguists working in the GM-F comparative field on a variety of themes and without restriction of theoretical framework, in order to sketch out an up-to-date cartography and take stock of the most significant advances in research.
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Modern Greek-French comparative linguistic approaches
Rea Delveroudi, Sophie Vassilaki, Evangelia Vlachou (eds.)
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Press, 2022, 265 p.

The present volume offers a fairly broad panorama of the research themes developed through the GM-F comparative approach (...). The fields explored concern phonology and derivational morphology (K. Nikolou, G. Brunet), borrowing adaptation morphology (A. Ralli), computational linguistics (T. Kyriacopoulou, C. Martineau & M. Varkampetian), modifiers and degree intensifiers (F. Corblin, E. Vlachou), categorization and approximation markers (H. Vassiliadou & G. Fotiadou), the lexical-grammar interface through the case of psychological verbs (M. Pantazara) and metaphorical extensions of support verbs (A. Moustaki), the application of corpus linguistics to the analysis of political discourse (E. Tziafa & F. Kakoyianni-Doa), the semantics of fundamental markers, such as prepositions and negation, revealed by translation (F. Kakoyianni-Doa & M. Burston, F. Kazala), the metaphorical structuring of the mental lexicon illustrated by the treatment of frozen sentences (M. Voga & A. Anastassiadis-Symeonidis), the coordinating conjunction as procedural expression (S. Assimakopoulos, A. Piata & L. de Saussure).

Approches linguistiques comparatives grec moderne-français - Présentation et table des matières (2.44 MB, .pdf)