Publication of Narrativité - How images tell stories

7 September 2022
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In both Europe and Asia, artists and their clients have often produced series of images "telling a story".
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The images can be distinct and successive, or arranged in scenes within a larger scroll or panel: the idea is always that by browsing the whole, you can understand the story. But most of the time, you have to be quite clever and astute to recognize a story you already know, listen to a guide's explanations or read the references in the painting! The final conclusion is therefore rather measured: very often, the images are not enough - and there remains an exciting gap between the images and the story. This book offers several detailed investigations, from Europe to China via the Himalayan and Tibetan worlds, about Lives of Buddha or Lives of Jesus, Kings of the Underworld and visits to Imperial Parks - and even an investigation after a catastrophic flood!