Weaving hope, engraving memories. Meetings on Afghanistan

24 February 2022
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This day devoted to Afghanistan aims to raise public awareness of highly topical issues such as women's rights, the multifaceted violence inflicted on populations, and the way in which the arts bear witness to this destruction and constitute forms of expression and reaction to oppression. The day will close with the documentary film "Les mots de Taj", directed by Dominique Choisy, a story of violence, migration and resilience.
Femmes Afghanes
Femmes Afghanes © Alice Amoroso‎
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Friday, February 18, 2022 from 2:30pm to 9:30pm
Auditorium de l'Inalco (65, rue des grands moulins 75013 Paris)
Free admission upon registration and presentation of vaccination pass.

Event dedicated to Afghanistan, organized by Sophie Hohmann (CREE, Inalco) in partnership with the Inalco Junior Conseil (IJC) and with the support of the Fondation Inalco.


Round table on women's rights in Afghanistan and justice, with the presence of:

  • Najela Ariamanish, former police chief and women's rights activist in Kabul
  • Nilofar Yazadany, former military judge in Kabul
  • Farzana Ehsas, journalist and human rights activist

Presentations around arts and languages:

  • Programme Etudiants Invités (PEI) at the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs de Paris, a project of artistic integration in solidarity by Alice Amoroso and Asal Beygloo
  • Projet d'Alihasib et Rêves d'Orient: une rencontre, un projet d'avenir, presented by Hashem Assani
  • Pashto-dari manual by Saïd Ahmad Shoaib

Showing of documentary film Les Mots de Taj, in the presence of director Dominique Choisy and film protagonist Tajamul Faqiri-Choisy

Synopsis. At the age of 14, Tajamul fled from Afghanistan to France. Six years later, he wanted to make the journey again, but in reverse, from Amiens to Kabul, to tell and show what he experienced during the journey that made him a refugee; words for those who can't, who can no longer speak. Les Mots de Taj is certainly a testimony, but it's also the portrait of a young man of today, in whom the fracas of the world's chaos resonates.

See the trailer for the documentary Les Mots de Taj

Discussion around the film