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Portrait d'une femme portant des bijoux
Portrait de femme de Sänbäté © Claude Légeret‎

Women of Sänbäté

March 11 to 21, 2024

Witnesses to a near past that has already largely faded, these portraits illustrate Ethiopia's social complexity. Indeed, this plurality of dress codes is expressed in such a small unit of place as the Sänbäté market. A Sunday gathering point (Sänbäté meaning "day of rest") in the north of the Choa province, the surrounding peoples come together here from the lowlands as well as the highlands; Christians and Muslims, pastoralists and sedentary people.

All these shots were taken in a single location, the Sänbäté market. Located in the north of the Choa province, it is also close to the famous Bati market, one of the largest in Ethiopia. This gigantic commercial crossroads brings together people in transit from all over the country. Claude Légeret has immortalized on film the great diversity of dress codes and ornaments worn in particular by Ethiopian women in this privileged place.

Although this selection reflects only a tiny fraction of Claude Légeret's work, it remains entirely representative of the author's approach and photographic style. From 1980 to 1987, Claude Légeret took up photography while teaching at the French-Ethiopian Lycée Guébré-Mariam in Addis Ababa, and during his time there, he constantly criss-crossed the country, capturing moments in the daily lives of the people he met. In all, 16,000 color slides bear witness to the many excursions he made into the heart of Ethiopia. Only around thirty of these images are shown here. This exhibition is the fruit of a collaboration between BULAC and Mme Delombera Negga, from the Ethiopian Studies section of Inalco's Africa department.

Contact : serge.dewel@inalco.fr

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