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Lingua (non) grata

Languages, violence and resistance in the spaces of migration


Marie-Caroline Saglio-Yatzimirsky & Alexandra Galitzine-Loumpet

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What do migrations do to languages and languages do to migrations? In the migrant reception crisis that has shaken Europe since 2015, languages are the great forgotten of public policies. Yet in the territories of asylum, dozens of languages meet and cross at borders. Is it then a great misunderstanding or a language of migration that emerges in these territories of Babel? A lingua franca or conversely a lingua non grata?

This book is the fruit of four years' research by the Liminal team (Linguistic and Intercultural Mediations in a context of International Migrations - ANR, Inalco, 2017-2021) in camps, encampments and accommodation and reception centers for asylum seekers. Surveys in Pashto, Persian, Arabic(s), Urdu, Tigrinya, French, English, Italian, took place as close as possible to the actors, in the Paris region, the Calaisis and on the French-English and French-Italian borders. Thanks to an original methodology and a multidisciplinary approach at the crossroads of anthropology and sociolinguistics, the book presents an unprecedented perspective for approaching through languages what is played out in migration: a political experience, of violence and resistance.


Marie-Caroline Saglio-Yatzimirsky is university professor of anthropology at Inalco, specialist in social exclusion in India and Brazil, deputy director of the Institut Convergences migrations and clinical psychologist at Avicenne Hospital (Bobigny).

Alexandra Galitzine-Loumpet is an anthropologist, HDR, researcher at UMR 245 CESSMA, fellow of the Institut Convergences migrations. Her research focuses on the material supports and traces of the migratory experience (objects, remains, graffiti) and on subjectivities faced with exile.

422 pages
16 x 24 cm
Publication: 13/09/2023
ISBN: 9782858314096