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Études finno-ougriennes is the only French-language periodical devoted to Finno-Ugric languages and the peoples who speak them. Founded in 1964 by Aurélien Sauvageot and Jean Gergely, the journal is published at the rate of one volume per year, each coordinated by the Association pour le développement des études finno-ougriennes (Adéfo), which brings together leading French researchers specializing in this field. It welcomes contributions from French and foreign specialists in all disciplines of interest to the Finno-Ugric field, extended even to the Uralic family and other ethnic groups or languages with more or less clear affinities with this family. Articles are submitted for review. The reading committee is made up of the editorial board and the scientific committee; external experts may also be called in. Articles are published mainly (but not exclusively) in French, with two abstracts in other languages, one of which is widely distributed.

As a multidisciplinary journal, Études finno-ougriennes covers all areas of the humanities and social sciences. In addition to linguistic studies, the journal publishes works relating to the history of peoples speaking Finno-Ugric languages, their institutions, their cultures, especially their literature and arts, and current events prompt studies on the situation of these peoples in a continent undergoing profound change. The articles are supplemented by chronicles and bibliographical information or analysis.