Summer Schools

June 2nd - July 10th 2020

Inalco, the university of world languages has a two century long experience in teaching more than a hundred languages as well as social sciences. Our professional instructors will accompany you throughout your journey and help you develop all language skills, whether you are a beginner or already well-versed in Arabic or Sorani. All courses are credited (ECTS).

Learn Colloquial Arabic at Inalco

Doing fieldwork in the Arab world requires a good command of colloquial Arabic.

Come and develop your proficiency in one of the Arabic dialects people speak in the following countries:

Morocco - Algeria - Libya - Egypt - Syria / Lebanon (Levantine)

Would you rather learn Kurdish?

Interested in Kurdistan and Kurdish studies? Curious to know more about the Kurds in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and / or Iran? Come and learn Sorani or Kurmandji at Inalco!

Kurmandji: Turkey, Syria

Sorani: Iran, Irak

Paris is a historical and vibrant center of Maghreb culture with a large Arabic-speaking community.

The Inalco Campus is located in downtown Paris.

Practical information:

- 20 contact hours a week

- 5 hours alternative language activities: movies, music and online learning...

- 10 students per class

- Cultural activities, conferences included: get to know the Arab and Kurdish Paris

- Assistance to find housing is available

- Fees:

Students: 4 800€ for six weeks

Professionals: 6 500€ for six weeks

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