Erasmus+ Partnership

Inalco has 105 inter-university agreements with European universities under the Erasmus Charter awarded to Inalco by the European Commission and an Erasmus policy statement.

Inalco pursues its mission through the Erasmus+ program in two ways:

  • Developing cooperation within Europe: strengthening centers for Asian and African studies and links with partners in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, whose languages and cultures are taught at Inalco.
  • Developing cooperation with Non-EU Member Countries (particularly in Asia), whose languages and cultures are taught at Inalco.

The Erasmus+ exchange program allows students to complete part of their study programat one of Inalco's European partner universities, with financial support from the European Commission.

The aim of student mobility and study abroad through joint programs is to offer Inalco students an immersion experience and/or a complementary dimension to their studies. A study agreement is established between the student, Inalco and the partner institution.

The courses the student takes at the host university will be recognized and validated at the end of the stay (in agreement with the faculty adviser) as part of the degree program he or she is enrolled in at Inalco. The duration of the mobility period can vary from three months to one academic year.

Eligible students: students from their second undergraduate year to doctorate level, enrolled at Inalco as their host institution in the academic year preceding their departure.