Korean Studies

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Jardin de Soswaewon, Damyang (Corée du Sud)
Jardin de Soswaewon, Damyang (Corée du Sud) © Kim Daejeung / Pixabay‎

Language taught



  • Master in Langue Littérature et Civilisation Etrangères (LLCER) in korean
  • Master 2 professional track "Teaching Korean"
    This professional track aims to train teachers of Korean as a foreign language. It enables students to deepen their mastery of the Korean language and culture, learn about language didactics and specialize in teaching Korean as a foreign language. Students validate their Master's degree by completing a professional internship in a school providing Korean language teaching.
    For more information, consult the dedicated section in the Korean LLCER Master's brochure and contact the head of the program, Mr. Kang Shin-Tae
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Preparing for the 2023-2024 school year

Korean textbooks
Parcoursup applicants: no gap year before L1
Prerequisites and compulsory pre-entry course

Department administration

Director: Chloé PABERZ
Assistant director: Yejin CHA