2nd edition of the MOOC "Turkish Language Contact Kit": registration now open!

11 January 2024
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Are you a language enthusiast? A professional preparing for a trip to Turkey? A curious tourist? A language student? This MOOC will help you acquire the basics of Turkish, a language that is both Asian and European, like the country itself. Open to all and free of charge, it will run from March 4 to May 13, 2024. Registration is open until April 29, 2024.
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Launched in 2017, Inalco's MOOCs are accessible worldwide on the France Université Numérique (FUN) platform. These "contact kits" offer beginners a oral and written initiation and cultural cues centered around several tasks enabling initial contact in the language: introducing oneself, getting around, finding accommodation, eating, making a purchase...

The "contact kit in oriental languages": Turkish language

First oriental language taught in France at the time of the Sun King in 1669!

Short filmed dialogues will help you acquire the words and automatisms you need for your daily exchanges. The dialogues will be accompanied by grammar points and a lexicon. Written exercises will enable you to check your knowledge and progress.

At the end of the course, you'll know how to introduce yourself, book a hotel room, buy travel tickets and get around, place an order in a restaurant, and shop for gifts and food.

Bref, you'll be ready to stop feeling like a stranger in Turkey and start making friends. In this reputedly hospitable country, you're about to be welcomed even more!

The MOOC in practice

The training runs from March 4 to May 13, 2024.

It lasts 6 weeks. The pace of work is estimated at around 5h per week, i.e. 30h of training.

The course is structured by videos of dialogues representing common communication situations and short theoretical lectures that develop the elements of grammar. The lexicon and a mini-text of the week complete the sequences.

Daily exercises will enable you to check what you've learnt. On the forum, you'll be able to exchange ideas in Turkish with other learners and with the teaching team, through a series of short activities. We encourage you to take part in the discussion forum and apply what you learn right away. A global virtual classroom will be created thanks to you!

Training content:

  • short dialogue videos
  • instructional videos
  • written, graded practice exercises
  • each week's lexicon
  • one or two short texts to listen to per week
  • one Turkish city to discover per week
  • . Turkish city to discover per week

This MOOC will be validated by a certificate of participation (with 60% of exercises validated) and/or by a final supervised distance assessment for the Certificate (50% of correct answers).

MOOC Turkish language contact kit - session 2

Course start: Monday, March 4, 2024

Registrations open until April 29, 2024 on the FUN platform.