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14 June 2023
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On her return from her first field trip to Malaysia, Jeanne Cuisinier, one of the pioneers of professional ethno-logy in France, shared her knowledge in a series of radio lectures aimed at the general public.
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Jeanne Cuisinier - actualités‎
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Pedagogical and an excellent narrator, the ethnologist offers listeners an opportunity to discover her profession, to approach the diversity of the peoples of the Malay Peninsula, but also to question the racial and colonial prejudices of the time. Behind the apparent lightness of her words, she leaves us with a unique vision of 1930s Malaysia, real lessons in ethnography and the pleasure of the joyful empathy she practiced in the face of cultural otherness.

These texts appear for the first time in French. They have just been published in Kuala Lumpur in English, Malay and Chinese.