Voting on the Board of Directors and Scientific Council

When and how to vote for student representatives on the Board of Directors and the Scientific Advisory Board.

Next elections: December 7 to 9, 2022 (1st round) and December 14 to 16, 2022 (2nd round)

- Elections to the board of directors: concern all students regularly enrolled at Inalco
- Elections to the scientific council: concern students regularly enrolled at Inalco in a third cycle (PhD)

Who votes?

Are voters and eligible
- students regularly enrolled at Inalco in preparation for a first-year undergraduate degree (L1) - college of "1st-year undergraduate students";
- students regularly enrolled at Inalco with a view to preparing a degree other than a first-year degree (L2; L3; M1; M2) - college of "other students";
- students regularly enrolled at Inalco in a postgraduate course (doctorate).

For information on your candidacy, consult the student election candidate guide


Guide du candidat aux élections étudiantes (1.76 MB, .pdf)


Calendrier des élections (558.16 KB, .pdf)

Election campaign opening: Monday, October 3, 2022
Posting of electoral lists: Monday, November 7, 2022
Application deadlines: Monday, November 21 to Thursday, December 1, 2022

1st round of voting : Wednesday December 7 to Friday December 9, 2022
2nd ballot: Wednesday December 14 to Friday December 16, 2022

Counting of votes: at the end of the ballot
Proclamation of results: within 3 days of the end of operations

Number of seats available

ElectionElectoral CollegeScrutinTerm of officeNumber of seats to be filled Board of Directors1st year undergraduate studentsTwo-round first-past-the-post system1 year2 seats (2 incumbents/2 alternates) . Other studentsList system with proportional representation at highest average without panachage2 years4 seats (4 incumbents/4 alternates) DoctorsTwo-round first-past-the-post system2 years2 seats (2 incumbents/2 alternates) ElectionElectoral collegeScrutinTerm of officeNumber of seats to be filledScientific councilStudents enrolled in a postgraduate course postgraduate training (doctoral students)List voting by proportional representation to the highest average without panachage2 years6 seats (6 titular / 6 substitute)

Submitting yourself

To guide you in a candidacy process, you'll find below the candidate's guide to student elections.

Guide du candidat aux élections étudiantes (1.76 MB, .pdf)

- Individual nomination form: for a two-round first-past-the-post ballot (concerns the colleges of 1st-year undergraduates on the Board of Directors and doctoral students on the Board of Directors) and for each candidate on a list in a slate ballot.

- List application form: for a list ballot (concerns the colleges of other students on the CA and doctoral students on the CS)

Application forms :

Fiche candidature de liste "autres étudiants" (592.93 KB, .pdf)

Fiche candidature de liste CS "doctorants" (596.39 KB, .pdf)

Candidature individuelle étudiants CA et CS (234.1 KB, .pdf)

Reminder : in a list ballot, the individual candidacy form must imperatively be completed by each candidate on the list.

For more information on this subject, please refer to "running for office".

Why vote?

The Board of Directors and the Scientific Council are central bodies where the institute's general policy is decided and its rules of life determined. Students therefore have an important role to play, and only a high level of participation will give your representatives legitimacy in debates.

So, the Board of Directors deliberates on:

- The general orientations of the establishment;
- The teaching and research program and the establishment contract;
- The rules governing student admission;
- The budget and its modifications;
- The financial account and the allocation of results;
- The establishment's internal regulations;
- Acquisitions, disposals and exchanges of real estate;
- Borrowings, the acquisition of financial holdings and the creation of subsidiaries;
- Gifts and bequests;
- Legal actions and settlements.

As for the Scientific Council, it:

- analyzes the educational and scientific situation of the establishment;
- participates in drawing up the teaching and research program;
- is consulted on the allocation of budgeted research credits;
- is consulted on the creation of professorial posts.

Who do we vote for?

Each student votes for a representative from his or her college ("first-year undergraduate students", "doctoral students" or "other students").
Student representatives are committed to defending your interests on the Board of Directors and Scientific Council alongside representatives of the teaching and administrative staff.

How to vote?

Elections will be held over the Internet (electronic voting). The students concerned will receive by e-mail a login, a link to create a password and the link to the site where the vote will take place. All these elements will be sent to the address given when you registered. If no address has been provided, please contact the school.

Computers will be available in room 6.10

How to use


Mode d'emploi vote électronique (213.48 KB, .pdf)

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact the AlphaVote-AVEx helpdesk 24/7, on the following toll-free number: 0800 10 12 30 (free call).

The electoral lists, electoral decisions specifying the number of positions to be filled and voting procedures will be posted on the boards in the hall on the 2nde floor. They can also be consulted at the elections office (4.41). The extensive student electoral roll will be available for consultation at the reception desk on the first floor.

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