Czech belongs to the group of West Slavic languages. It has been an official language of the European Union since 2004.

Château de Prague
Château de Prague © Ekam Juneja, Pixels‎

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Fixed in writing as early as the XIth century, the Czech language has distinguished itself over the centuries by an abundant literature in all fields of culture and the spirit. It has been taught at Langues O' since 1916.

Today, Czech is spoken by some 12 million speakers: not only the inhabitants of the historic territories of Bohemia, Moravia and Czech Silesia (around 10.5 million), but also speakers from the various waves of economic and political emigration, mainly settled in the USA, Canada, Latin America and Germany. Not forgetting Slovakia, which formed a common state with the Czech lands, Czechoslovakia, created in 1918 and which disappeared at the end of 1992. The close linguistic proximity of Czech and Slovak means that the two languages are almost completely incompatible.

Studying Czech at Inalco

Inalco is the only French university to offer a full degree course in Czech language, literature and civilization - from beginners to doctorate level. Open to a wide audience of French and foreign students alike, the Czech curriculum requires no prior language skills.

The varied and complementary courses offered enable students to acquire a coherent, high-level training not only in language, but also in literature and literary translation, history and geography, and the history of arts and culture.

Presential language teaching is complemented by exercises offered on the Cetlef platform, created and run by Ivan Šmilauer, and by course materials made available online on the Moodle platform (Inalco).

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