Moroccan Arabic

Maghrebian Arabic dialects are the languages spoken in the various countries that make up the Maghreb; the "central" dialects are those of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya; less well known are Maltese and Hassaniya (Mauritania) (the latter two are taught as introductory courses in Maghrebian Arabic). Central dialects are generally mutually intelligible.

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Remember that, with the exception of Maltese, Arabic dialects are languages with an oral tradition that are not written, in the sense that there is no codified orthography; we will therefore learn to transcribe them in phonological notation. Original texts in Arabic script will also be studied.
Inalco offers a complete course in Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian Arabic. A comparative analysis of all Maghrebian languages is offered at undergraduate level. The aim is first and foremost to give students a scientific knowledge of the system of these languages.