Discovering the language

The first oriental language taught in France since the 17th century, Turkish, far from being a "rare" language, is ranked 12th in the world (Baromètre Calvet) with its 150 million speakers living in an area stretching from the Balkans to western China. In addition to the five Turkic-speaking republics that emerged from the former Soviet Union (Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan), Turkey is at the center of the Turkic-speaking world, with a population of 75 million, and is now considered an emerging country, the world's 15th-largest economy and a member of the G20 group.

Study Turkish at Inalco

Inalco is the only establishment in the Paris region to offer Turkish language courses.

Training courses

Bachelor's and Master's degree courses:
Licence LLCER specializing in Turkish
Licence LLCER - Professionalizing course - Turkish
Master's LLCER - Europe - Eurasia - Middle East course