Launch of a MOOC on plurilingualism in language teaching and learning

9 March 2023
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Available online via the FUN MOOC platform, Inalco's "Décloisonner les langues : approches plurielles du français" course is aimed in particular at advanced learners of French, as well as teachers or future teachers of French as a foreign language (FLE) wishing to deepen their knowledge of the French language or integrate a pluralistic approach into their teaching. Registration for the first session is open until March 3, and the course will run from February 20 to April 9, 2023.
MOOC « Décloisonner les langues : approches plurielles du français »
MOOC « Décloisonner les langues : approches plurielles du français » © / Freepik‎
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Training objectives

Throughout the 6-week course, you'll be able to share a multi/multilingual reflection on the relationship between languages and the French language. One of the aims is to provide some of the tools needed to challenge the compartmentalization of languages. A complementary objective is to support the ability of pluri/multilingual speakers to shuttle between the languages that make up a single, integrated language repertoire. In short, you will be introduced to different plurilingual environments, examine what they mean for language learning, and discover recent research in the field of plurilingualism.

In addition to the tasks to be carried out, this MOOC thus offers a space for exchange explicitly oriented towards the intuitive and natural communication strategies that plurilinguals/multilinguals deploy in everyday life that enable them to acquire new language resources.

By the end of this course, you'll know:

  • Mobilize all the languages you know to deepen your written and spoken French language skills and diversify your practices.
  • Understand why (all) languages are so important and challenge the way we experience the French language.
  • Understand why the personal connection we have with the language(s) we speak raises important philosophical and pedagogical questions about how we establish our personal relationships and how we even see the world around us.
  • Reinterrogate the modalities of language learning and understand how plurilingualism can impact and enhance education by putting diversity, heterogeneity and variety of usage at the center.

Two courses are offered: a free course and a certifying course which gives access to a final exam validating 4 ECTS.

This MOOC has been produced with the active contribution of master's students from the Didactics of Languages (DDL) stream.

How to register?

You must first register on the FUN MOOC platform on which the course is hosted. You will then be able to register for the MOOC "Décloisonner les langues : approches plurielles du français" until March 3, 2023. Classes will run from February 20 to April 9, 2023.