Like Belarusian and Russian, Ukrainian belongs to the eastern group of Slavic languages. It is spoken in Ukraine and neighboring areas of Slovakia, Moldavia and Russia, as well as by a large diaspora in North America and Europe.
J'apprends l'ukrainien à l'Inalco
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Discovering the language

It is written using a distinctive Cyrillic alphabet. Characteristic features of Ukrainian already appear in East Slavic documents of the XIth-XIIIth centuries from the south of the Kievan Rus'.

The development of the written language was conditioned by the turbulent history of Ukrainian territories under Lithuanian, Polish, then Russian and Austro-Hungarian rule. The literary language of the Kievan period served as the basis for an archaic Ukrainian, used as a language of chancery until the end of the Cossack period. The modern literary standard was developed in the 19the century on the basis of the popular spoken language, and more particularly of the dialects of southeastern Ukraine.

After frequently suffering political restrictions in Imperial Russia and then the Soviet Union, Ukrainian is today the sole state language in Ukraine.

Training courses

Inalco is the only establishment in France to offer a complete course in Ukrainian language, literature, history and civilization.

From the 2nd year of the bachelor's degree, students can also choose one of 5 professionalizing courses: international trade, intercultural communication and training, didactics of world languages and French as a foreign language, international relations, multilingual digital processing.


Career opportunities

Public service, teaching and diplomacy, international organizations and the voluntary sector, translation and interpreting, international trade, tourism, multilingual engineering, publishing, journalism and communication.