Regularly feature a portrait of one of our colleagues or an Inalco personality.
Gulistan Sido, sowing the seeds of life and solidarity
Guillaume Gibert, Finno-Ugric language enthusiast and translator from Vespe (Karelia)
Sophie Hohmann, sociologist specializing in migration issues in the post-Soviet space and head of the DU Passerelle programme.
Thomas Szende, research on all fronts.
Abdul-Azam Azizi, interpreter-mediator, graduate of the DIU H2M and student at Inalco
Hélène de Penanros, Senior Lecturer in Lithuanian (HDR)
Simon Ebersolt, a young multi-talented researcher
Nathalie Krauze, new Head of Continuing Education
Mathias Soupault, software engineer
Agathe Rue, a passion for languages and civilizations
Iryna Dmytrychyn, History and translation (Ukraine)
François Stuck, ERTIM research engineer and employee representative
Isabelle Lakomy, archivist
Christine Ho and Raphaëlle Hervé, at the heart of the media library
Jing Guo, Chinese language teacher with a strong commitment to pedagogical engineering
Robin Pastor, a committed student vice-president
Gilles Forlot, new VP for Training and Student Life
Julien Vercueil, specialist in post-Soviet economies, recently distinguished
Emmanuel de Brye, from mathematics to writing about the Arab world
Jérôme Samuel, new VP
Paul & Guy, a portrait in two voices
Bassir Hamid, a newcomer to the old guard
Laura Lacour: turning her passions into a profession
Maud Cittone, Continuing Education Language Coordinator
Alain Hayot, the computer road
Jacqueline Bertrand, in charge of CIR, statistics and data reliability
Catherine Mathieu, inform and advise!
Françoise Robin, a Tibetan dream
Luc Deheuvels, digital education expert
Marine Madani, a bath in internationalism
Kadhim J. Hassan, accompanier to refugee events
Linda Zaoui, a dynamic force at the service of students
Johnny Cheung, Inalco-USPC Chair of Excellence
Stéphane Faucher: self-taught Inalco specialist
Laurent Sagart receives the 2016 Leonard Bloomfield Award
Françoise Moreux, a life at Inalco
Hervé Zécler, accounting: translating human events into figures
Bryan Sauvadet: a free and liberated voice!
Elodie Guignard, photographer and student at Inalco
Marie-Caroline Saglio-Yatzimirsky, new VPCS
Idrissa Konté, a student committed to the life of the Institute
Joseph Moudiappanadin, a family spirit
Boriana Silhol: creating links
Mathias Ramsamy, EMICC Manager
Michael Lucken, Professor of History, Art and Japanese Art History
Clotilde Trouvé, archivist